Thursday, December 4, 2014

Webinar: Using Social Media to Support Internationalization of Teacher Education and Broader Applications to the Classroom

Melanie (@GlobalMelanie) and I were excited to partner with Global Teacher Education, the Asia Society and the Longview Foundation to conduct this one hour webinar on Tuesday, December 2, 2014.

The Twitter hashtag for the event was #Web2SocialTPrep

Here is a link to materials: 

The video recording on YouTube is embedded below (1 hour and 12 minutes; Melanie and begin talking about Agricultural Education at 29:10):

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Social Media, Risk Averse Administration, and Agriscience Teachers

As many know, I am a huge fan of each of being a digital advocate for school-based agricultural education. Unfortunately, there are several anecdotes I hear from ag teachers who have their administration tell them, "No." and implement restrictive social media policies.

All this in a time when according to a recent survey, mobile technology is becoming more popular in today's classrooms, . A majority of educators -- 86% -- who responded to the survey said mobile technology bolsters student engagement, and 67% said it helps support personalized learning. eSchool News (free registration) (9/3)

A blog I really enjoy following is "Dangerously Irrelevant" by Dr. Scott McLeod. Here is a direct link:  Here is a video of him at a Ted Talk in Iowa talking about Teens and Technology:

He just posted a great post (Cutting off our nose to spite our face) wondering if school administrators restrict conversations that occur at church, the mall or grocery store or limit handwritten notes, etc...

A must read and I am curious to my fellow ag educators thoughts. How can we share with administrators the incredible benefit of community relations and student learning by increasing transparency of inviting others into our teaching and learning processes via social media platforms?

The seem to value those community relationships when bond elections come up, why penalize all for the actions of such a very few?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Daniel's Life Playlist - Just for Fun

So, creating the Ultimate #TeachAg Play List got me thinking...what would be my life sound track/play list. So, after some reflection, here is Daniel's Life as an iTunes Playlist!

I would love to hear any kind of feedback! Suggestions, laughter, etc. Yes there are plenty of Willie Tracks! Maybe this helps explains the craziness that is Foster...

What track would be on your personal play list?

Daniel's Life

Track 1 - Bob Wills is Still the King - Waylon Jennings 

(A nod to my heritage and appreciation for legends)

Track 2 - My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys - Willie Nelson

Track 3 - New San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills

Track 4 - On the Road Again - Willie Nelson

Track 5 - Waltz Across Texas - Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson

Track 6 - Send Me Down to Tucson - Mel Tillis

Track 7 - Big City - Merle Haggard

Track 8 - Should've Been A Cowboy - Toby Keith (unofficial Willcox High School Song!)

Track 9- Living in Fast Forward - Kenny Chesney

Track 10 - The Fall Guy - Theme Song

Track 11 - Una mas cerveza - Tommy Alverson

Track 12 - Pearl Snaps - Jason Boland and the Stragglers

Track 13 - Hobo - The Departed

Track 14 - East Bound and Down (From Smokey and the Bandit) - Jerry Reed

Track 15 - The Auctioneer - Leroy Van Dyke

Track 16 - She Never Spoke Spanish to Me - Joe Ely

Track 17 - All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Polisar
(Melanie and I's First Dance Song at the Wedding)

Track 18 - And the Crowd Goes Wild - Mark Wills

Track 19 - Hang on Sloopy (O-H-I-O) - Saving Jane

Track 20 - Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes - George Jones

Track 21 - I've Always Been Crazy - Waylon Jennings

Track 22 - Walkin Along the Fenceline - Wade Bowen

Track 23 - Amazing Grace - Willie Nelson

Track 24 - The Road Goes on Forever - Robert Earl Keen

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Ultimate #TeachAg Playlist

I believe music can be a very powerful instructional tool: both for fun and to cultivate a great environment.

In the past, I have interviewed students and created a playlist on their "favorite song". This year I had the idea of "crowdsourcing" the ultimate first day of Ag Teaching Playlist to share in my AEE 412 Methods of Teaching Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (#AEE412) for the #psuaged15.

Below is the result. I would really like it to be only 20 songs, so please make suggestions on which ones to remove or substituitions to make!

Song Artist Nominator
2001: A Space Odyssey  The City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra
Michelle Pauken Cromer
Art/Honors Educator (Texas)
And the Crowd Goes Wild Mark Wills Daniel Foster
PSU Ag Teacher Educator
Former Arizona Agriscience Teacher
Boom Boom Pow The Black Eyed Peas Laura Rice
PSU Ag Teacher Educator
Former PA Agriscience Teacher
PSU Graduate
Start Me UpThe Rolling StonesKate Feuerstein
Michigan Agriscience Teacher
Are You Ready? Creed Neil Fellenbaum
Penn Manor Agriscience Teacher (PA)
PSU Graduate
Tattoos On This Town Jason Aldean Mark Anderson
Elizabethtown Agriscience Teacher (PA)
PSU Graduate
East Bound and Down
(From Smokey & Bandit)
Jerry Reed Daniel Foster
PSU Ag Teacher Educator
Former Arizona Agriscience Teacher
Soulshine Gov't Mule Matthew Eddy
Iowa Agriscience Teacher 
Train 45 Stanley Brothers Robbie Walker
Production Agriculturalist
Eye of the Tiger Survivor Michelle Pauken Cromer
Art/Honors Educator (Texas)
Sabotage Beastie Boys Michelle Pauken Cromer
Art/Honors Educator (Texas)
Tubthumping Chumbawamba Melanie Bloom
CASE Curriculum Designer (IA)
Former IA Agriscience Teacher
I was Here Beyonce Mark Anderson
Elizabethtown Agriscience Teacher (PA)
PSU Graduate
Roar Katy Perry Brittany Sentelle (Arnold)
Frederick Agriscience Teacher (MD)
2012 Graduate PSU
No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne Josh Rice
Minnesota Extension Educator
Former Maryland Agriscience Teacher
Sandstorm Darude OP McCubbins
ISU Ag Teacher Educator
Former KY Agriscience Teacher
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins Sarah LaRose
Connecticut Agriscience Teacher
My Hero Foo Fighters OP McCubbins
ISU Ag Teacher Educator
Former KY Agriscience Teacher
Hall of Fame The Script Ann Delay
Cal Poly Ag Teacher Educator
Former CA Agriscience Teacher
Back to School Again
(From Grease2)
The Four Tops Nicole Weaver (Marinos)
Twin Valley Agriscience Teacher (PA)
PSU Graduate
Perfect Day Hoku Sarah Quigg
Ephrata Agriscience Teacher (PA)
This is Your Life Switchfoot Neil Fellenbaum
Penn Manor Agriscience Teacher (PA)
PSU Graduate
I've Always Been Crazy Waylon Jennings Daniel Foster
PSU Ag Teacher Educator
Former Arizona Agriscience Teacher
Kickstart My Heart Motley Crue Edward Frankling
Arizona Ag Teacher Educator
Former CA Agriscience Teacher
Winning Santana Kate Feuerstein
Michigan Agriscience Teacher
The Future's So Bright,
I Gotta Wear Shades
Timbuk3 Daniel Foster
PSU Ag Teacher Educator
Former Arizona Agriscience Teacher

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hello from the Future!

Seems relevant to not only myself, but also our teacher candidates who will be preparing for student teaching!

December and Final presentations will be here before you know it!

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY Projects for #AgEd2Korea - The Ecorium

How can we truly empower learners to create their own global competency? A DIY project is a great start!

Watch to hear more reflection!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Apps Apps Apps - Growing out digital literacy

Librarian compiles list of educator-approved apps
Michelle Luhtala, a high-school librarian in Connecticut, used crowdsourcing to compile a list of education mobile applications with the help of educators from across the country. This article organizes the digital tools into categories such as note-taking, social media and digital storytelling and presentation tools. Shift Blog (6/11)
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

How entrepreneurship, projects can combine for meaningful lessons - SAE ROCKS!

Great idea that can easily be applied to school-based agricultural education.

How entrepreneurship, projects can combine for meaningful lessons
The success of project-based learning depends on whether students find the work meaningful, high-school teacher Raleigh Werberger writes in this blog post. Werberger describes a lesson plan that combined project-based learning strategies and entrepreneurship -- creating meaningful lessons with real-world potential and high stakes for students. Werberger writes that students were asked to create business models, presented to business leaders in a Shark Tank-like event, in which one project was funded. Werberger's blog (6/9)

Truly the total program model is the premier delivery system in Education:
  • Dynamic Applied STEM Classroom/Laboratory Instruction
  • Developing Youth Voice/Civic Engagement through student organization (FFA)
  • Developing entrepreneurial spirit/financial literarcy through work-based learning (SAE)

Rock on!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 IAAE Keynote Conversation - The Time is Now


 9:30-10:15am EST; 

Twitter Hashtag: 

Daniel D. Foster

·         Conversation Goals:
  1. Review current status of US school-based agricultural educators.
  2. Share practical strategies for recruitment and retention of candidates to the school-based agricultural education profession.
  3. Imagine possibilities for US & Indiana school-based agricultural education
PowerPoint Slide Deck: 

Multimedia Used:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 IAAE Workshop - Leveraging Social Media for Program Success: Preparing your Students for Digital World!

Leveraging Social Media for Program Success:
Preparing your students for the Digital World!

Twitter Conversation: #TeachAgSM14

A 2014 Indiana Association of Agricultural Educators Workshop
Time Allotted: 75 minutes

@FosterDanielD -Daniel Foster, Penn State Ag.Teacher Educator, University Park, PA
@AgEd4ME  - Matthew Eddy, Southeast Polk Agriscience Teacher, Des Moines, IA
@czsheehan- Zane Sheehan, California Agricultural Education State Staff Member/Former Red Wing Minnesota Agriscience Teacher
@jillianpsu- Jillian Gordon, Penn State 2015 Student Teacher, University Park, PA
@RCMcLean- Robin McLean, Northern Burlington Middle School Agriscience Teacher, Westampton, NJ (Virtually)

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:
1.       Define the “why” of Social Media – What is it and how can it help education?
2.       Identify 15 immediate applications for school-based agricultural education
3.       Develop an action plan for immediate action
4.    Promoting engaged digital citizenship and #agedu advocates in our students

Handout Available: 

Presentation SlideDeck:

Other Resources:
Using Social Media with Middle School Agriscience Programs by Robin McLean

Our Connected Culture

Twitter for Teachers

Digital Citizenship Resources

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yet another reason for expanding School-Based Agricultural Education...

Md. district expands career and technical education
Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland plans to add 10 career and technical education programs to the district's offerings this fall. Students already have access to a growing number of CTE programs, with the district launching 36 such programs during the past three years. "It forms a community for the students, which is an additional level of support for the students to be successful," Lateefah Durant, district academic officer, said, noting that students in the academy programs often have fewer absences and fewer disciplinary issues. The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (4/20)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How are you treating those around you?

I really appreciate Dr. Levin’s willingness as an expert/author of classroom management to volunteer to support us! I found great meaning in really three reoccurring themes:
  1. 1)      It is all about respect. Give it to Get It.
  2. 2)      Worry about the factor that you have the most: Teacher Behavior
  3. 3)      Motivation = expectation of success  x  value. How are celebrating student success and creating felt need for content?

Dr. Levin shared this video clip. It is about 3 minutes long and really speaks to the respect notion. Take a moment and watch

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a Champion

A favorite! You are a Champion.

Kid President - Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here

Huge Thank you to Ms. Jill Gordon, the 2014 PSU Teach Ag! Society President, for sharing the following video with me.

Lot's of good stuff in there...especially, the part about telling people you are glad they are here. I am glad you are here!